1. The company's leaders take the lead in continuously improving the technical strength of the company.

Established in 2004, Shantou Xinqing Can Machine Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and production of food cans, beverages, chemicals and machinery. It is a private technology enterprise in Guangdong Province. It specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of tank machine production lines. Operate, pay taxes according to law, gradually have a sound management system, and products have independent intellectual property rights.

The company's leaders are technically born, attach great importance to the strengthening of the company's technical strength, invest a large amount of funds for research and development, and hire engineers who specialize in mechanical design, automation control, application of digital and other professional, set up a research and development team, responsible for new technologies, new products, Research and development of new processes. The company has built a network of vertical titles called engineers and helpers to ensure the company's research and development capabilities and innovation. The company is one of the major metal packaging machinery and equipment enterprises in China. It is a member of China Packaging United Nations; a member of the Jinping District Electromechanical Chamber of Commerce in Shantou City; was named “High-tech Enterprise” in 2011 and passed the high-tech review in 2017. .

2. Composite innovative R&D team

The company has a stable scientific and technological talent team engaged in scientific research and development. It has many years of practical experience in implementing scientific research projects, industry-university-research cooperation projects, new product development projects, industrialization projects, etc., and has strong technical research and development capabilities. In 2013, the company set up a research and development center. The members of the R&D center are all college graduates. The majors cover mechanical, automation control, mold and other majors. The R&D personnel are composed of high-quality young and middle-aged researchers, engineers and production management personnel with rich experience in production and practice. The knowledge structure is reasonable and young and full of vigor. R&D members not only have good thinking and professional qualities, but also have a reasonable knowledge structure and rich experience in research and development. Up to now, the company has obtained 24 patent authorizations; 6 invention patents have been granted; and utility model patents have been authorized 18 times.

3. Multi-party technical cooperation to enhance the company's independent innovation capability

The company has established stable technical cooperation with universities and research institutes. It has conducted research on production, study and research with well-known domestic universities and research institutes such as Jiangnan University and Guangdong University of Technology, and jointly undertakes various scientific research projects at the national, provincial and municipal levels. Research work to enhance the company's independent innovation capabilities.

4. The company promotes the enterprise management cans that keeps pace with the times and adapts to the changing business environment.

The company has consistently adhered to the principle of "survive by quality". In the business practice, it has established an advanced modern enterprise management system, strengthened internal management, introduced international modern management mechanism, and focused on "integrity, quality, service" and established Corporate image, company management adheres to the concept of humanized management, enhances the centripetal force and cohesiveness of the management team and all employees, and the company is flourishing. The company has a high-quality, professional management team, and insists on “concentrating on creating and working together”. The R&D management system is sound, and a series of systems for project R&D management have been formulated, including R&D implementation regulations, R&D investment accounting financial management system, and R&D personnel assessment and reward system. When implementing project management, the company adopts the project manager responsibility system and appoints the corresponding project management person in charge and project financial management personnel.